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Community Forum: Stand Your Ground Law

Nov. 7, 2013

We attended the Community Forum about Alaska’s Stand Your Ground Law. We were present in significant numbers. A special thanks goes out to all the 2ATF folks that attended the meeting. Complacency isn’t an option in defending our rights.

Below is a recap of the event:

The NAACP thinks the “Alaska Stand Your Ground Law” should be repealed.

The meeting started out with a moment of silence and introduction of the moderator, Susan Parkes. About 10 minutes into the meeting John Skidmore of the Alaska Dept of Law explained the Alaska Stand your ground law. At about the 45 minute mark Dr. Troy Payne from the UAA Justice Center gave the history and impact of similar laws in other states. At about 1 hour Wanda Greene and Kevin McGee from the NAACP gave short presentations about why the law should be repealed. Chief Mark Mews from APD explained the law has no effect on how the police operate. Q& A was by written questions so they didn’t allocate enough time to handle them all.

Dr. Troy Payne cited 3 studies supporting repeal. One is an economic study, one from Mayors Against Illegal Guns and another from The Journal of Human Resources.  (Hmmmm! Know your enemy.)

McClellen, CB. And Teken  HERE

Cheng, C. and Hoekstra  HERE


Susan Parks-Moderator

John Skidmore-Ak. State Dept of Law

Dr. Troy Payne-UAA Justice Center

Wanda Greene-NAACP

Kevin McGee-NAACP

Chief Mark Mew-Anchorage Police Dept.

I apologize for the poor quality of this recording. Skip to about 5 minutes in to get to the interesting material.

Click the radio icon below to listen to the forum. To save the 30meg mp3 file to your computer right click the icon and save as.

UAA Vs Harvard Debate
April 25, 2013 Bear Tooth Theater
“The house would repeal the 2
nd Amendment”

If you are not aware the UAA Debate Team is one of the top teams in the world. UAA invited the Harvard Debate Team to debate the question, should we repeal the second Amendment? It was a lively debate and both sides did an excellent job. Harvard defended the 2nd amendment and UAA presented arguments in favor of repeal.

Those that subscribe to this newsletter are for the most part strong 2nd amendment supporters. It would be worth your time to listen to this debate to learn what some of the detractors think about 2A. The debate is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

Click the radio icon below to listen to the debate. To save the 109meg mp3 file to your computer right click the icon and save as.

2A Debate Harvard vs UAA 130425.MP3 131107_Stand Your Ground Forum.MP3